Saturday, October 2, 2010

one of the people i look up to. round 1.

i feel like i need to give credit to those who inspire me and to those who are just all around awesome and that i look up to. so every saturday i will be posting one up.

the order i put these people in is random: i'm just putting people up in no order. so don't get any ideas people.

the first person i wanna put up that inspires me and that i look up to would have to be miss sierra luella.

luella mink.

she's gorgeous. she has the BEST sense of style and isn't afraid to be who she is (something i've ALMOST achieved). she's real, original, and amazing. 

look at her.

she's effortlessly cool and amazing. she always has the most inspirational and positive things to say about life.

she wears turbans and i love it.

i think the reason i'm inspired by her is because she is a really down-to-earth human being who is a beautiful individual. she's her own person and doesn't let what other people say affect her. i feel like that's another reason i look up to her is because she's so confident. it's awesome.

take notes kids, she's a pro. be creative.

check out her blog at:


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