Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i was sick friends. don't judge me. days 2 and 3.

so, apologies for not having day two up yesterday. so i'll give em both to you all today.

day 2. nine things about yourself.
9. i'm afraid of jello. like legit.
8. i am in love with astrology AND astronomy.
7. i love love love photography, even though i'm not THAT great at it.
6. i really wanna be in the fashion industry like designing and stuff.
5. i've fallen in love twice. one was unrequited.
4. i hate looking in mirrors longer than i have to.
3. i really would rather eat fruit crepes than legit dessert food.
2. i'm obsessed with owls and peace signs.
1. i am completely socially awkward. the fact that i even have friends or a boyfriend amazes me.

day 3. eight ways to win my heart.
8. tell me i'm beautiful instead of sexy or hot.
7. put up with my crazy random tendencies with a smile on your face.
6. don't complain about everything i want to do. we can always compromise.
5. cute LITTLE surprises every now and then don't hurt.
4. make me a cd with your favorite music on it.
3. kiss my forehead. i melt.
2. let me cook for you.
1. no matter what you do, do it like you mean it.

okay dears. see you tomorrow with day 4.


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