Wednesday, October 27, 2010


my apologies for not keeping you updated! blame victoria's secret: i'm like their fucking slave. but here i am, ready to deliver.

i got the iphone 4. i love it. i will probably never get another phone ever.

i also decided to "drop out" or "take some time off" from school. so next semester i'm going to be working tons and blogging tons more. love it.

i have a few film pictures i want to put up, so as soon as i can get either a disc with them on there or a scanner to use, they'll be up. i need to get more film and therefore take more pictures.

this weekend is halloween. what the fuck is everyone going to be? i wanna be a "native american" (dare i say INDIAN), if i can find a costume. i'm such a fail. my boyfriend is going to be dj lance because we (meaning his son and i, tee hee) are huge fans of yo gabba gabba. i'm pretty excited. there will be pictures. film and digital, hopefully.

well, i'm going to go dears. there's some entertainment, enjoy.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

known knowns and unknown knowns...

they're fixing our furnace today. but it's taking forever. i'm totally not okay with the rate at which they are working. taking too damn long. and every 20 minutes i hear a saw or smell something burning. not to mention the puppy has peed on the floor twice.

this is one of those days where i can't wait to get to work.

this weekend i think i'm going to be bored. partly because i can't spend much money. but the main reason is because my boyfriend is going to new orleans for our friend's 21st birthday. they're leaving in about 5 hours or so. and i will be here, bored. oh well, at least i have plenty of homework. that i will start at around 11 or so tonight.

i mean look at how much fun we have together. i'm gonna be so bored.

all i know is that there's a lot of things i want in life at this very moment and i'm too afraid to ask for them, for fear that i'll mess up the way things are going. so i'll keep my fucking mouth shut.

have a good day dears.


Monday, October 18, 2010

shit happens. shit is happening. shit has happened.

this applies to saturday.

want to know some news? well tape your socks to your feet, because i'm about to knock them off.

  • saturday night: mexican food. failed margaritas. good margaritas. ring pop. hookah bar. sarah. mimosas. akuma. 3 second extravaganza.
  • sunday: car accident. orange juice. work. markdowns. home. argument with parent.
  • today: WHIPLASH.
it's been eventful. also a "friend" of mine is moving to chicago. good for you. get on. hope you have an awesome life. chicago is great.

i've become very apathetic. i also have found that no matter how old you are and what you plan to do, your parents will still tell you what to do. so it looks like i may not be in san francisco for an extra six months. we'll see.

either way, my boyfriend and i are planning a trip to spain this summer. this should be exciting.

well dears, i'm going to go and find a reason to enjoy my day. you enjoy yours too.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i'm just having a rough run.

it's weird, but i'm kinda having a down day. replacing words with music. hope your day goes well beauties.


just pictures.

i wanna visit chicago again.

i only wish i could skateboard.
kiss me with a thousand kisses.

goodnight. time for aqua teen.

Monday, October 11, 2010

days 5, 6, 7, and 8.

i know i'm a little slow but look! i'm going to catch you up!

day 5. six things that you wish you had never done.
6. i wish i had never made friends with fake people.
5. i wish i had never slacked off in middle school and high school.
4. i wish i had never kissed my neighbor in 10th grade.
3. i wish i had never eaten dog food on a dare that one time.
2. i wish i had never gotten a debit card.
1. i wish i had never listened to my mom and stayed home and went to college.

day 6. five people who mean a lot to you.
5. my mom judi (duh).
4. my aunt susie.
3. my boyfriend andre.
2. my best friend emilie.
1. my cousin dan.

day 7. four turn offs.
4. a douchebag/cocky attitude. getdafuckouttahere.
3. when guys don't know how to dress.
2. bodybuilder muscles. gross.
1. having dirt under your fingernails.

day 8. three turn ons.
3. tattoos.
2. kissing my forehead.
1. being real.

how's that for being caught up? win.


oh my.

oh goodness how i have slacked. i'm sorry my dears. between my new found "hopeless romantic" side and school, i've just been more busy than a person should be. ridic.

i promise (cross my heart) that i will put up everything i missed this week later today.


goodbye for now my lovers and friends.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

day 4. seven things that cross your mind a lot.

i'm still sick. but i'm making it. here's your seven:

7. do i look like a dyke?
6. do those people totally hate me?
5. i wonder what i would look like with blonde hair.
4. my boyfriend.
3. my boyfriend's son.
2. my mom.
1. san francisco.

i can honestly say i have never been more excited for the weekend than i am today. i just wish i didn't have to work alllllll weekend. but i digress. talk to you lovely people later.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i was sick friends. don't judge me. days 2 and 3.

so, apologies for not having day two up yesterday. so i'll give em both to you all today.

day 2. nine things about yourself.
9. i'm afraid of jello. like legit.
8. i am in love with astrology AND astronomy.
7. i love love love photography, even though i'm not THAT great at it.
6. i really wanna be in the fashion industry like designing and stuff.
5. i've fallen in love twice. one was unrequited.
4. i hate looking in mirrors longer than i have to.
3. i really would rather eat fruit crepes than legit dessert food.
2. i'm obsessed with owls and peace signs.
1. i am completely socially awkward. the fact that i even have friends or a boyfriend amazes me.

day 3. eight ways to win my heart.
8. tell me i'm beautiful instead of sexy or hot.
7. put up with my crazy random tendencies with a smile on your face.
6. don't complain about everything i want to do. we can always compromise.
5. cute LITTLE surprises every now and then don't hurt.
4. make me a cd with your favorite music on it.
3. kiss my forehead. i melt.
2. let me cook for you.
1. no matter what you do, do it like you mean it.

okay dears. see you tomorrow with day 4.


Monday, October 4, 2010

day 1. ten things you want to say to ten different people.

i'm not naming names, but here it goes.

10. it's sad that you're going to spend your life numb on prescription meds.
09. i wish we were better friends, but i just don't like putting in more effort than you.
08. you have the most gorgeous hair i've ever seen and i want it.
07. can you just give me my pretzels for free? i know you want to.
06. i don't understand why people who have been her less time than i have get to be a lead. give me a damn raise.
05. i wish you would just give me my money and leave me alone.
04. do not take the 32's out of the store, your company will fall apart.
03. do you realize you're the rudest woman i have ever met? and that's saying something.
02. it's not that i'm avoiding you, it's that you just suck so much i want you out of my life.
01. i love you.

and there you have it. your turn.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

one of the people i look up to. round 1.

i feel like i need to give credit to those who inspire me and to those who are just all around awesome and that i look up to. so every saturday i will be posting one up.

the order i put these people in is random: i'm just putting people up in no order. so don't get any ideas people.

the first person i wanna put up that inspires me and that i look up to would have to be miss sierra luella.

luella mink.

she's gorgeous. she has the BEST sense of style and isn't afraid to be who she is (something i've ALMOST achieved). she's real, original, and amazing. 

look at her.

she's effortlessly cool and amazing. she always has the most inspirational and positive things to say about life.

she wears turbans and i love it.

i think the reason i'm inspired by her is because she is a really down-to-earth human being who is a beautiful individual. she's her own person and doesn't let what other people say affect her. i feel like that's another reason i look up to her is because she's so confident. it's awesome.

take notes kids, she's a pro. be creative.

check out her blog at: