Thursday, October 21, 2010

known knowns and unknown knowns...

they're fixing our furnace today. but it's taking forever. i'm totally not okay with the rate at which they are working. taking too damn long. and every 20 minutes i hear a saw or smell something burning. not to mention the puppy has peed on the floor twice.

this is one of those days where i can't wait to get to work.

this weekend i think i'm going to be bored. partly because i can't spend much money. but the main reason is because my boyfriend is going to new orleans for our friend's 21st birthday. they're leaving in about 5 hours or so. and i will be here, bored. oh well, at least i have plenty of homework. that i will start at around 11 or so tonight.

i mean look at how much fun we have together. i'm gonna be so bored.

all i know is that there's a lot of things i want in life at this very moment and i'm too afraid to ask for them, for fear that i'll mess up the way things are going. so i'll keep my fucking mouth shut.

have a good day dears.


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