Monday, October 18, 2010

shit happens. shit is happening. shit has happened.

this applies to saturday.

want to know some news? well tape your socks to your feet, because i'm about to knock them off.

  • saturday night: mexican food. failed margaritas. good margaritas. ring pop. hookah bar. sarah. mimosas. akuma. 3 second extravaganza.
  • sunday: car accident. orange juice. work. markdowns. home. argument with parent.
  • today: WHIPLASH.
it's been eventful. also a "friend" of mine is moving to chicago. good for you. get on. hope you have an awesome life. chicago is great.

i've become very apathetic. i also have found that no matter how old you are and what you plan to do, your parents will still tell you what to do. so it looks like i may not be in san francisco for an extra six months. we'll see.

either way, my boyfriend and i are planning a trip to spain this summer. this should be exciting.

well dears, i'm going to go and find a reason to enjoy my day. you enjoy yours too.


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