Monday, October 4, 2010

day 1. ten things you want to say to ten different people.

i'm not naming names, but here it goes.

10. it's sad that you're going to spend your life numb on prescription meds.
09. i wish we were better friends, but i just don't like putting in more effort than you.
08. you have the most gorgeous hair i've ever seen and i want it.
07. can you just give me my pretzels for free? i know you want to.
06. i don't understand why people who have been her less time than i have get to be a lead. give me a damn raise.
05. i wish you would just give me my money and leave me alone.
04. do not take the 32's out of the store, your company will fall apart.
03. do you realize you're the rudest woman i have ever met? and that's saying something.
02. it's not that i'm avoiding you, it's that you just suck so much i want you out of my life.
01. i love you.

and there you have it. your turn.

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