Wednesday, October 27, 2010


my apologies for not keeping you updated! blame victoria's secret: i'm like their fucking slave. but here i am, ready to deliver.

i got the iphone 4. i love it. i will probably never get another phone ever.

i also decided to "drop out" or "take some time off" from school. so next semester i'm going to be working tons and blogging tons more. love it.

i have a few film pictures i want to put up, so as soon as i can get either a disc with them on there or a scanner to use, they'll be up. i need to get more film and therefore take more pictures.

this weekend is halloween. what the fuck is everyone going to be? i wanna be a "native american" (dare i say INDIAN), if i can find a costume. i'm such a fail. my boyfriend is going to be dj lance because we (meaning his son and i, tee hee) are huge fans of yo gabba gabba. i'm pretty excited. there will be pictures. film and digital, hopefully.

well, i'm going to go dears. there's some entertainment, enjoy.


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