Monday, October 11, 2010

days 5, 6, 7, and 8.

i know i'm a little slow but look! i'm going to catch you up!

day 5. six things that you wish you had never done.
6. i wish i had never made friends with fake people.
5. i wish i had never slacked off in middle school and high school.
4. i wish i had never kissed my neighbor in 10th grade.
3. i wish i had never eaten dog food on a dare that one time.
2. i wish i had never gotten a debit card.
1. i wish i had never listened to my mom and stayed home and went to college.

day 6. five people who mean a lot to you.
5. my mom judi (duh).
4. my aunt susie.
3. my boyfriend andre.
2. my best friend emilie.
1. my cousin dan.

day 7. four turn offs.
4. a douchebag/cocky attitude. getdafuckouttahere.
3. when guys don't know how to dress.
2. bodybuilder muscles. gross.
1. having dirt under your fingernails.

day 8. three turn ons.
3. tattoos.
2. kissing my forehead.
1. being real.

how's that for being caught up? win.


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