Thursday, September 30, 2010

stop being so happy.

so i think the title is a tad misleading. but i'm super happy and the other day this old lady looked at me and said: "stop being so happy. someone out there is hurting."

DUDE. that woman just gave me every reason to stop and think about how lucky i am. she's so right. so when i say stop being so happy, i don't mean be depressed over shit that doesn't matter; i'm just saying to be humble about it because not everyone is as lucky as you.

i cooked last night! my boyfriend came over and we did homework together and went running. running. yes, RUNNING. something i had forgotten how to do. it was terrible. i so held him back. freaking iron man can run for miles, and i can barely run up the street.

iron man.

but he walked back with me so it made it all better. he's a special guy. i'm happy.
well lovelies, you have a great day and remember: don't be so happy. someone out there is hurting.


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  1. Hey. I was reading my friends blog and stumbled upon yours. I just so happened to read this post and it left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Other people may have it hard but that is no reason to cease being happy for yourself. I think you should acknowledge their misfortune but never make yourself feel less happy because of them? I'm a little confused. Also glanced over a few of your other posts. You seem a bit superficial and self absorbed. But then again this is a blog. Sorry to get your hopes up with someone caring to bring it down with this comment but it should be said. Best of luck with your future writing endeavors.