Thursday, September 23, 2010

good morning, good morning.... that's the only words i know.

good morning dears. can i just say that i'm very happy right now? sometimes random people come into your life that you don't know at all and then suddenly BOOM, you feel like you've known each other for years. it's great.

i haven't taken many pictures lately, on account of the fact that i've just had no time. although i did take some pretty sweet ones last week that i promise to post sometime today. i really need to get a new battery for my light meter on my film camera so i can finish that roll, and i super want my own polaroid camera. like a lot. a lot a lot.

i need my hair like this.

i hate to be a gushy cheesy romantic, but i'm going to have to be for just a minute. i just feel that everyone needs to know that they should never give up hope if a relationship ever goes to shit. you don't have to end things on bad terms. and just because it's over doesn't mean it won't ever exist again, or that you won't find someone else who makes you just as happy. just give it time and it will happen.

okay dears. time for me to eat breakfast, the last thing i wanna do today is pass out from hunger. have a nice day babies.


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