Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day... the day of no labor. can't get no labor on labor day.

so this labor day weekend i had adventures. LEGIT adventures. friday night i went to the park with my friends Jon and Emilie and we took some hilarious pictures, which you can see below.

saturday was awful and felt like a sunday, so i hung out with Jon again all night so i wouldn't be bored and we committed the perfect crime.

then on sunday i had a lovely 3:30 pm to midnight floorset shift at victoria's secret. if you think that's bad, i wound up working til 2:30 am. yeah.

and yesterday, labor day, i split with the guy i was seeing, and then met Emilie for lunch with her friends Ethan and Lee.

all in all: i hate labor day weekend. have a good day beauties.


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