Thursday, September 9, 2010

sometimes things don't exactly pan out.

see this boy? he's important.

you know how you expect things, and then something changes and everything happens the exact opposite of what you think? yeah, that's called life. you have to quit expecting things. the more you just LIVE and BE, the more things will work out.

everyone is entitled to feel the way they feel. you can't be mad just because some one hates the shoes you're wearing (their problem, not yours). as long as you are happy with yourself and you're doing what you want, then no one else in the world matters. you are the most important person in your life, and you need to cherish that.

and just remember that no matter what happens, you can't be upset about it. because everything happens for a reason. so when you don't make it into your dream college, it's probably because you would have wound up dropping out. when you don't get that job you were hoping for, it's probably because it wasn't the right job for you and something better is out there.

in conclusion (when did this become a fourth grade book report?), just keep your chin up lovelies. have a good day.


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