Thursday, September 16, 2010

it's okay to piss off your parents.

oh hello. apologies for the lack of update dears, i've just been so busy. and i've been trying to stay on my mother's good side, although everything seems to piss her off so whatever.

anywho, i'm contemplating either getting a new tattoo, or going against my mother's wishes and getting my nose pierced. tough decision, at least i can hide a tattoo...
(my work doesn't allow facial piercings anyway so i guess i'll just have to wait until may.)

well, i figure i should keep you entertained so i'll add some visuals. have a good day, i know i will.


would it be against the law for me to kidnap kid cudi? i didn't think so...

i have this as a tattoo. i'm cool, i know...

oh hi. i'm crazy about owls. i want one.

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