Wednesday, September 29, 2010

super fail.

i know, i've neglected you all. i regret it. my apologies. if you knew all the things i was busy doing, you would understand. hey, bright side: at least i have a life.

except for when i eat crepes and do homework.

life has gotten so much better lately. i'm more positive about everything. i don't feel like anything's missing or could be better (except maybe the boss music playig in this crepe place could be played everywhere every minute), and there are new people in my life who make me happier than the old people. because honestly, i don't have time for fake friends. i don't think anyone does. so side note, don't be friends with people who let you down or are terrible to you. please. thank you.

gimme gimme.

anywho, i have tons of homework to get back to. i will catch up soon.


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