Monday, September 20, 2010

and this is were i suck.

yeah, yeah, okay i get it. i'm awful for not keeping up with my blog. i apologize for the neglect. anywho, i have been doing super fantastic lately. i just keep seeing how awesome things are for me and how awesome i am (not to toot my own horn).

sometimes, you don't always realize how happy you are until things are put in perspective by another person. and that's what has happened. i'm so lucky to have the friends in life that i have. i love my friends. i love my family. i even strongly care for my acquaintances. everyone should.

but enough serious talk! let's talk about how excited i am to move to san francisco! only a matter of months ant this point friends. no one thinks i am serious about it. i'm dead serious about it. (side note this guy sitting in the hallway with me is now speaking with a fake british accent. what?)

i just super enjoy a lot right now. yes, there are things that i am/could be upset about, but i'm really avoiding dwelling on them too heavily. screw negativity, i don't have time for that shit. have a good day lovelies.


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