Thursday, September 30, 2010

stop being so happy.

so i think the title is a tad misleading. but i'm super happy and the other day this old lady looked at me and said: "stop being so happy. someone out there is hurting."

DUDE. that woman just gave me every reason to stop and think about how lucky i am. she's so right. so when i say stop being so happy, i don't mean be depressed over shit that doesn't matter; i'm just saying to be humble about it because not everyone is as lucky as you.

i cooked last night! my boyfriend came over and we did homework together and went running. running. yes, RUNNING. something i had forgotten how to do. it was terrible. i so held him back. freaking iron man can run for miles, and i can barely run up the street.

iron man.

but he walked back with me so it made it all better. he's a special guy. i'm happy.
well lovelies, you have a great day and remember: don't be so happy. someone out there is hurting.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

super fail.

i know, i've neglected you all. i regret it. my apologies. if you knew all the things i was busy doing, you would understand. hey, bright side: at least i have a life.

except for when i eat crepes and do homework.

life has gotten so much better lately. i'm more positive about everything. i don't feel like anything's missing or could be better (except maybe the boss music playig in this crepe place could be played everywhere every minute), and there are new people in my life who make me happier than the old people. because honestly, i don't have time for fake friends. i don't think anyone does. so side note, don't be friends with people who let you down or are terrible to you. please. thank you.

gimme gimme.

anywho, i have tons of homework to get back to. i will catch up soon.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

good morning, good morning.... that's the only words i know.

good morning dears. can i just say that i'm very happy right now? sometimes random people come into your life that you don't know at all and then suddenly BOOM, you feel like you've known each other for years. it's great.

i haven't taken many pictures lately, on account of the fact that i've just had no time. although i did take some pretty sweet ones last week that i promise to post sometime today. i really need to get a new battery for my light meter on my film camera so i can finish that roll, and i super want my own polaroid camera. like a lot. a lot a lot.

i need my hair like this.

i hate to be a gushy cheesy romantic, but i'm going to have to be for just a minute. i just feel that everyone needs to know that they should never give up hope if a relationship ever goes to shit. you don't have to end things on bad terms. and just because it's over doesn't mean it won't ever exist again, or that you won't find someone else who makes you just as happy. just give it time and it will happen.

okay dears. time for me to eat breakfast, the last thing i wanna do today is pass out from hunger. have a nice day babies.


Monday, September 20, 2010

and this is were i suck.

yeah, yeah, okay i get it. i'm awful for not keeping up with my blog. i apologize for the neglect. anywho, i have been doing super fantastic lately. i just keep seeing how awesome things are for me and how awesome i am (not to toot my own horn).

sometimes, you don't always realize how happy you are until things are put in perspective by another person. and that's what has happened. i'm so lucky to have the friends in life that i have. i love my friends. i love my family. i even strongly care for my acquaintances. everyone should.

but enough serious talk! let's talk about how excited i am to move to san francisco! only a matter of months ant this point friends. no one thinks i am serious about it. i'm dead serious about it. (side note this guy sitting in the hallway with me is now speaking with a fake british accent. what?)

i just super enjoy a lot right now. yes, there are things that i am/could be upset about, but i'm really avoiding dwelling on them too heavily. screw negativity, i don't have time for that shit. have a good day lovelies.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

it's okay to piss off your parents.

oh hello. apologies for the lack of update dears, i've just been so busy. and i've been trying to stay on my mother's good side, although everything seems to piss her off so whatever.

anywho, i'm contemplating either getting a new tattoo, or going against my mother's wishes and getting my nose pierced. tough decision, at least i can hide a tattoo...
(my work doesn't allow facial piercings anyway so i guess i'll just have to wait until may.)

well, i figure i should keep you entertained so i'll add some visuals. have a good day, i know i will.


would it be against the law for me to kidnap kid cudi? i didn't think so...

i have this as a tattoo. i'm cool, i know...

oh hi. i'm crazy about owls. i want one.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

get over it.

i don't have any words today. it's been one of those days and rather than being mellowdramatic, i only have pictures and music. stay precious sweeties.


Guitar Kitteh from james austin on Vimeo.

i love cats.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

ain't it crazy?

isn't funny how when you think your day is just gonna be average, it turns out to be brilliant? yeah, i like that. that just happened.

also, just experienced what i meant by "if something doesn't work out it's probably for a good reason" and i just wanted to share that with you all.

here's a pic, stay sweet loves.


sometimes things don't exactly pan out.

see this boy? he's important.

you know how you expect things, and then something changes and everything happens the exact opposite of what you think? yeah, that's called life. you have to quit expecting things. the more you just LIVE and BE, the more things will work out.

everyone is entitled to feel the way they feel. you can't be mad just because some one hates the shoes you're wearing (their problem, not yours). as long as you are happy with yourself and you're doing what you want, then no one else in the world matters. you are the most important person in your life, and you need to cherish that.

and just remember that no matter what happens, you can't be upset about it. because everything happens for a reason. so when you don't make it into your dream college, it's probably because you would have wound up dropping out. when you don't get that job you were hoping for, it's probably because it wasn't the right job for you and something better is out there.

in conclusion (when did this become a fourth grade book report?), just keep your chin up lovelies. have a good day.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

don't be ridiculous.

can i just say that i think it is really lame how people try to deliberately make someone else feel bad? it's so overrated. the best revenge is to just be free and happy and get over it because life is too short to be wasting your time on people who don't matter. so here's my advice lovlies:

don't listen to haters.

they're trying to get a rise out of you to make you look lame. so just brush it off, swallow your pride, and walk away unscathed. because when people treat you like that, you just need to give them the silent "fuck off." smile, because someone out there loves you: YOU.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day... the day of no labor. can't get no labor on labor day.

so this labor day weekend i had adventures. LEGIT adventures. friday night i went to the park with my friends Jon and Emilie and we took some hilarious pictures, which you can see below.

saturday was awful and felt like a sunday, so i hung out with Jon again all night so i wouldn't be bored and we committed the perfect crime.

then on sunday i had a lovely 3:30 pm to midnight floorset shift at victoria's secret. if you think that's bad, i wound up working til 2:30 am. yeah.

and yesterday, labor day, i split with the guy i was seeing, and then met Emilie for lunch with her friends Ethan and Lee.

all in all: i hate labor day weekend. have a good day beauties.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

oh my prada.

holy shit. anyone seen prada's fall/winter look book? no? well here, let me provide you with the most beautiful work i've ever seen (aside from their spring/summer fantasy look book).

i would say i'm in love. have a good night party animals.