Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my animals are nuts.

i wish i could record the snores of my dog conrad. SO. FREAKIN. LOUD. he sounds like a human being when he snores. so presh.

my cat has been running around the house literally since last night. i didn't sleep much because of her.

and finally my oranda goldfish bear has been splashing around in his tank all morning.

the animals are going crazy and i don't know what to do.

anywho, given my recent happenings in my life, i really have a song stuck in my head that i'm probably going to play the hell out of today. i'm making a "get happy" playlist. some of the songs are just upbeat songs with lyrics that apply to my situation, and some of them are just upbeat songs that i can sing and dance to. i think i may just drive around all day, shop, eat, and listen to this playlist in my car. driving always clears my mind and helps me feel better. driving has always made me feel better, ever since i was a baby.

here's that song dears. have a good day, as will i (try).


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