Wednesday, January 12, 2011

it's been a while...

hello friends. sorry i've been distant, again. i now vow to post at least 3 times a week. PROMISE.

right now i've just been really busy trying to figure out how to take care of ME. it's a tough job. but its like i've said before, love yourself, because you're the only one who ever truly will. everyone always talks about true love this and true love that. there is only one true love, and that's with your own self.

i've also been enjoying my days off of work as much as i can. i've been looking for a second job so i can make some more money before heading out to san fran. hopefully this job with at&t works out. or landry's.

i'm really excited for FIDM. they mailed an official acceptance letter the other day along with some papers with info on them and a little bag. every thing's happening so fast and i am so excited and so blessed.

i deactivated my facebook account. it has caused so much drama in my life and i just don't want all that mess right now. can't take it. i need to be stress free. i'll reactivate it sometime later when the haters are gone and so am i.

it's been not the best week for me, but i'm just trying to push past all of it and focus on me. i don't care about friends, my boyfriend, my cat, my puppy, my anyone. just me.

gonna dye my hair tonight, hope i don't fuck it all up. i need a haircut too. i'm hoping that after getting it cut it grows because i'm sick of short hair. i want it long, long, long. i totally want another tattoo, too. i almost went and got one today, but gas and hair dye and chapstick are WAY more important.

well loves, i'm going to go. need to figure out how to get everything i want for my birthday.


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