Sunday, February 27, 2011

how low.

don't send me a pic of you and your new girlfriend and tell me "having a blast".

you know how i felt about you, and you know how bad that must hurt. i was doing fine before you said that.

after you say "i just wanna be single."



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

curiosity's about to kill this cat...

why can’t people from your past stay there? if things don’t work out, cool, don’t talk to each other. but don’t come along and fuck with that person or their life after shit’s been over for months.

don’t be petty. and if you have nothing better to do than talk about someone or hate on someone or start shit with them AGAIN when they’ve clearly moved past it, then you need a hobby other than being rude. grow up.

sorry for the rant, people just really frustrate me. i’m cool though.

just hoping once i’m away, my past will stay in missouri. people don’t need to be all in my business. i’m doing something with my life, how bout you do something with yours, no?


let's go to the park...

let's go to the park...
let's go to the park... by shar_vee22 featuring an onyx ring

i'm ready for spring.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

mini vacay.

i'm going on hiatus for a bit.

you'll be fine.




fuck you.

i'm so glad he doesn't read any of my shit. that way he doesn't know how badly i want to kick him in the face.

i just want to be a hermit. fuck winter. fuck people. fuck everything. strawberry shake please.



Monday, February 7, 2011

bobby light.

i love this.

have a good night.


this is too adorable.

i love it. and the peace sign is so cute.


go to good wood.

omg, everyone. go here. i love it.

best stuff ever. i'm gonna find some more sites that i really like, that way you can see what kind of style i'm gonna be rockin this spring. excited for spring!!!


happy birthday.